July 29th, 2007


In Memoriam

In contrast to the rather excellent news of the last post, I learned that my grandfather died at 7:28 this morning.

He'd been in hospital for the past six weeks after being given a life expectancy of just a week. Though he'd been in pain for the last few days, he died in his sleep. We'd known that this was a possibility since January, when he started chemotherapy. The doctors were amazed that he lived as long as he did.

My great-grandmother, the only other member of my immediate family to die while I have been alive, was ninety-three years old when she went. My grandfather was eighty-odd. As a family we're not so much born as assembled in a shipyard, from fucking girders.

Up until now, I've had a full complement of grandparents. It's strange thinking that one's gone, and the others will all go soon as well — my paternal grandparents have angina and Parkinson's disease respectively, and my maternal grandmother has become increasingly immobile.

My grandparents are by turns where I acquired a sense of humour drier than the best martini, and where I learned that there was no crime in laughing at stupidity wherever it presented itself.

I want a cigarette. More than that, I want one last whisky with him. The glass I raise tonight I drink in his name.

Angelus: The Battle

Angelus: The Battle

A roleplaying game by Stewart Wilson

God is missing.

Demons roam the streets of Earth. They want Armageddon.

The blood of saints runs in your veins. An angel shares your soul.

You are God's instrument.

Inherit the Earth.

This is not a complete roleplaying game. A copy of The World of Darkness is required for play.


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Designer's Notes

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This version expanded with new material; thanks to Wild Thing, Azrael the 7th, and Nopp of the Shadownessence forums for asking interesting questions.

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