September 5th, 2007


Time Check

I ordered my copies of Æternal Legends the evening before we went live. UPS tried to deliver them starting the Friday after that. Lulu normally take 3-5 (working) days to print, if you've not heard anything after then check the status of your order on their website.

I ran myself ragged last night by going to the Gyle last night, because UPS are a "9-5 delivery" type operation. I have my copies in hand. Feels weird to see the damn things. But damn me they look good.
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[Thursday Gaming] Stuff

Right. I have books for all of you. £14.95 is the price, but if you want to pay me later, then that's fine.

However, due to potential illness, we'll be meeting at 8 in the Jolly Judge instead. I'll have some card games (Munchkin, Fluxx) with me, but don't expect anything too serious.