October 12th, 2007


Cognitive Dissonance

I write for the WoD. Current project is for the WoD. I know the WoD system rather well.

Tonight, I ran (FSVO[0]) Scion: Hero.

Despite my complaints below, I believe people enjoyed Scion. As did I. I have to compare to the WoD system or I'll go insane.

There's a reason I've got whisky. And then bed.

[0]: There are no rules in the demo for how to do damage when grappling[1], despite making that damage lethal being one of the powers on offer for a pregen character. Likewise, nowhere does it say what you roll to attack. For the first fight, I honestly thought that relic weapons were the shit, as I was having people roll Dex + Firearms[2] + Accuracy. Nowhere did it mention that the pregens had their Dex and Firearms already added in, or whether they had other bonuses. One of the first rules of demo games is "Be explicit, people do not know your system."
[1]: I don't care if it's a demo, do not say "does damage equal to a clinch" if that's the only mention of the word "clinch" in the whole fucking file. It's not just unprofessional, it means I have to pull things out of my arse. And I've no idea how your system interacts as it's very different from any of the ones I know.
[2]: "Marksman", what fucking ever. The worst was "Do you have any epic Presence?" "Dude, Presence isn't an Attribute." Argh. Why the hyper-rules system relies on an Attribute spread widely regarded as b0rked is beyond me, when the WoD moved on and found a nicer spread.
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In other news

My first Farcebook invite just landed in my inbox. I didn't realise that pox-ridden hell-pit allowed it's addicts to harass actual human people over normal means of communication by e-mail.

I'm more surprised it took this long.

If it was one of you, speak now. Otherwise, the whole domain can languish in my mail killfiles. Worthless self-indulgent palace of ego-wank that it is.