October 14th, 2007


Fucking technology

Some days, I wonder why I have a desktop computer. I mean, I've specced the thing as a gaming rig, but I don't get to see it for those purposes outside of weekends. And for the last month, it's mocked me.

Every time I try to run a game—not anything else, not a word processor or a graphics app or anything else that's big and memory hogging, just a game—the fucking thing dies on me. Sounds like the hard disk's going click-death on me. So I spend a few hours rooting around in settings and checking files and re-seating connections, and things appear to work but nothing does, not really. Net investment: minimum of an hour and a half. Unpaid.

J.'s using it during the week for work, which is fine. After that, she'll fire up one of the Civ games. And it runs fucking flawlessly. Not a problem, not a glitch, not a care in the world.

All I want is to power the machine up and run Bioshock or City of Heroes. That's all. Turn on, double-click, everything works. The weekend's the only time I get to touch my desktop as it is. But no, instead I have to spend those quiet weekend mornings when I should by rights be playing video games up to my fucking elbows in settings and dying hardware.
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