November 2nd, 2007


Æternal Legends + IPR + Design Notes

[[Why is this news? Because lots of gaming stores get their indie games through IPR. Demand that your local gaming store stocks Æternal Legends! In other news, I'd really like an Æternal Legends icon. Anyone have the time and inclination to make some?]]

Mob United Media has joined Indie Press Revolution to start distributing and selling its games.

Mob United Media is ENnie Award winning author Malcolm Sheppard's game design house, but it's not just about him; it features refined designs, owned by their creators. We're beginning our relationship with IPR selling Stew Wilson's game, Æternal Legends. IPR is the only place where you can get the game's PDF (available separately here) FREE when you purchase the print edition.

Here's the blurb:

Magic seethes beneath everyday affairs. Turn a ways, and wander into a Pocket Kingdom where witches and alchemists sell their wares right under the noses of a mundane population. But one person in 20 is Aware, part of the secret lands of magic. Of those, a special few are Legends: epic heroes who fight evil with strength, cunning and raw idealism.

Elf, dwarf, gnome and human Legends use the mystic Spheres to defend their beliefs. Their quests turn them into avatars of magic or send their swords against Da'ath, Lord of the Abyss. Idealism is more than just a buzzword—it's the source of magic. The old traditions of classic fantasy, from the Dark Lord to a hero's quests, burn with new life, bound to the Legend's spiritual journey. Every Legend has a path to enlightenment—and glory. His beliefs (in the form of actual game traits) give him power, whether he honors or betrays them. He moves through secret, strange lands in a modern supernatural setting whose protagonists don't skulk in alleys, but rule entire cities and Ministries of mystic power.

Æternal Legends is a 158 page, complete modern-era RPG. Two or more players need nothing more than a handful of six-sided dice, pencils and paper to play. Combat's quick, but doesn't sacrifice tactical choices for ease of use. Freeform magic and simple spells combine into one flexible, quickly resolved sorcery system. Your character's supernatural Clade combines with her archetypal Spheres to grant distinct superhuman abilities. The game's Ready 2 Run system emphasizes fast character creation, detailed action and enough discretionary "wiggle room" to suit a wide range of campaigns.

Created, written and designed (and importantly, owned) by Stewart Wilson. Core system design and development by Malcolm Sheppard.

There are *lots* of previews, here.

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Definite upswing

I handed in the final drafts of There's Only Music So That There's New Ringtones (and boy, anyone who works out what that is and why gets a prize... when the project's all official, of course) on Wednesday. Near the end there, I wasn't exactly feeling at my best.

I read this from Ethan at the time, and was heartened. I'm reposting it here because it still heartens me, and I don't want to lose it to the churn of the forums (and because others named might not have seen it).

Just finished up reading Tribes of the Moon.

It's good. Seriously. It's a passionate, clever book that is brimming with love of the tribes, and love of the glory and tragedy that comes with being Uratha. The guys who worked on this get Werewolf, they really do — and more than that, they love it and they write about it well. It opens with the fury of the Blood Talons and closes with the unrelenting badassedness of the Storm Lords, and all points between are passionate, brutal and smart.

Chuck, Matt, Travis, Stew and Aaron did great on this one. And there's more yet to come.

Just occasionally, I need to read something like that.

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