July 8th, 2008

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Making Characters

This list is no longer being updated. The up-to-date list is at Dreamwidth.

Like many others, but mostly prompted by innocent_man, I'm going to make a character for every roleplaying game that I own. As a preparatory measure, I'm going to use this post as a definitive list of what's to come. So far the list is incomplete as I'm compiling it from memory.

At this point the list isn't including PDFs that I haven't seen fit to print, because then I'd never fucking finish. I may revise that as time goes on so that I can include interesting games that I've not got a hardcopy of. Also, where I own multiple editions of a game, I'm only using the edition that I'm most comfortable with—in the case of the Old World of Darkness, that's the latest edition released. Where the edition isn't the latest that I'm aware of or may cause confusion (D&D, I'm looking at you), I'll stick it after the game name.

The list will grow as I go through my bookshelves when I get home. At present, it's not in any kind of order. Suggestions for the first few would be appreciated. Once I start, I'll link to completed characters in this post.

EDIT: New books at the end of the list.

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That's a fuck of a lot of characters, and a bloody good memory I have.

1: I don't have a hardcopy of DRYH, but it's too fucking good to leave out.