July 19th, 2008


Character Creation 11: HoL

The Game: HoL: Human Occupied Landfill
The Publisher: Dirt Merchant Games, through White Wolf's Black Dog imprint
Degree of Familiarity: Run quite a bit (most people won't, see below) and read through everything whenever I've needed a good laugh.
Books Required: HoL and Buttery Wholesomeness

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In Pain

My guts have been playing up all day. Woke me at around half eight and are still going weird. Hence, no character tonight. All the system-light stuff requires a fairly detailed concept and the heavy-system stuff requires a lot of thinking and often bean-counting.

Tomorrow, I'll get back on top of things.

Double XP weekend in CoH is good for when I'm feeling down. My main, starting at 31, dinged 35 late this afternoon and is sat halfway to 36. I can finally get access to the late-game content. Beating up roman traitors would be more fun if the bastards didn't keep dodging my attacks...

So yeah. What game for tomorrow?