August 31st, 2008


Character Creation 39: Continuum

Damn, I'm not doing as well with these as I'd hoped. Anyway.

I like bad films. We went to see Babylon A.D. last night. Which wasn't bad, I mean, we got to see some entertaining trailers. When the film wasn't jumping from dark, shadowy interiors to overbright frozen tundra with no warning, it was showing fight scenes. At least, I think that's what it was doing. Some films—the utterly brilliant Children of Men, for example—use camera-wobble during the fight scenes because the protagonists don't have a nice, stable view of things. Babylon A.D. didn't have that blessing. Every fight, the camera started jerking in a way that cut through my normally ironclad constitution and delivered motion sickness. Worse, whatever cool fight choreography or interesting stuff was entirely off-screen.

The cinematography is indicative of the rest of the film. To wit: It's fucking awful. Sexist? Well, the main female character exists to be a sack for carrying a pair of superbabies and doesn't even get an onscreen death once she's popped them out. Derivative? New York looks a lot like LA did in Blade Runner, only not as good. Nonsensical? Well, apparently any religion that doesn't produce superheroes by virgin birth isn't really a religion. Crap? Well... yeah.

Not crap in a good way. This isn't Doomsday. Doomsday knows it's a fucking awful film and revels in that fact. It rips off everything going and does it with a kind of dumb charm that leaves audiences laughing along. Babylon A.D. takes itself far too seriously, and has this kind of jumped up sense of its own importance.

But we got to see some good trailers.

The Game: Continuum
The Publisher: Ætherco and Dreamcatcher Multimedia
Degree of Familiarity: More than most people. I've read and played Continuum, though not run it. I even understand Time Combat, something that breaks people used to linear thinking.
Books Required: Continuum alone. While I'd like to have Further Information available, it's rarer than hen's teeth.

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