November 5th, 2008



I'm sorry. I'm doing something that I really thought I never would: copying stuff over from my Twitter feed.

However, I'm not doing a generic scattershot—most of the dross I shout at Twitter isn't fit for the people there to read, let alone those who prefer to avoid the slow-IRC nature of fractured conversations. So stuff gets rewritten. And I say this as if you care.

And, y'know, some new stuff. Like The Smashy Adventures of the Hulk. Yeah. You know you're going to click. Even if you don't like comics. Because it's the cutest Hulk ever, that's why.

* * *

Someone mentioned Æternal Legends in the RPGnet obscure game thread. Am I happy that I didn't have to do it, or sad that it's still obscure?

* * *

My leg's going bloody weird again. Probably just sleeping on it weird, but I remember last year when I started having trouble walking. It's not hurting enough for the FYT painkillers yet, but that might be a matter of time.

* * *

California's Proposition 8 passed. So it's not a day of total joy.