November 19th, 2008



The last two days have taught me to hate.

In specific, they've taught me to hate music teachers and analogue telephone systems.

Rant later. Oh yes.

British Nazi^WNational Party Member List Leaked

The entire membership list of the British National party has been posted on the internet, identifying thousands of people as secret supporters of the far right and exposing many to the risk of dismissal from work, disciplinary action or vilification.

Last night the BNP's spokesman Simon Darby said the police had been called in to investigate the data security breach. Describing the posting as "malevolent and spiteful" he said: "This isn't a question of us mislaying the information, this is theft."

Other notes against the names of individuals include: "Discretion requested (employment concerns), government employee, IT consultant" and "activist (discretion requested), teacher (secondary school)".

The only correct response is cry me a river, you Nazi shitbags.