November 25th, 2008


A Distraction

Zahada is a great way to waste time. Until you get to the mid-thirties and your brain turns into soup. Even the instructions are a riddle in their own way.

If discussing in the comments, please no solutions. Only clues.

Couriers again.

Parcelfarce no longer bother even trying the door to our block, which would let the subhumans they call "drivers" post their "Could not be delivered" card through the letterbox. No, now they drive right past the address twice in a row (so they could claim that they "reattempted delivery" the next day) then stick the card in the post.

They were supposed to deliver something last Wednesday. No sign. No sign on Thursday or Friday (were it not for online tracking and my repeated complaints). I set off to collect them from the local post office on Saturday morning, and only then did I receive the card. Through the post.

Y'know what that says to me? It says "We're too fucking stupid to ever actually even try the main door to your block. We will instead trust that your postman is better at doing our job than we are."

ETA: Just got off the phone with customer service. Apparently the useless bastard of a driver has been doing this to lots of people and is facing "one chance left to get it right tomorrow." I'll believe it when I see a package.

In other news, tonight marks my return to energy drink addiction. McColls on my way home used to have Relentless at 2 for £2. I can but hope that offer's still on.