January 20th, 2009


A D&D4E Setting Idea

Why are you going into that dungeon?

Because the “dungeon” was the home of humans before we fell, the city-states of the Precursors. The traveling auspex from the Spire-City of the North came to our village last year and told me that I’ve got a Precursor’s soul. He hates me. Everyone hates me.

Whenever I’m near the Door, I hear strange words in my head: “Weakly posthuman descendent.” “Autonomous biological defence agents.” I can do fantastic things with a sword and a bow, things no other man can though he trains for years. The history of the World and the secrets of my soul are through that Door. Three others walk with me. One can call fire from nothing. The past awaits.

I hear "Points of Light" and this is where my brain goes. And it's damn easy to frame, as well.