February 2nd, 2009



I was one of the first people in this morning. Oddly enough, everyone in cars took ages, while the busses ran without trouble. It did then proceed to vomit snow all over everything. Oh well.

Funnily enough, it's one of the first pictures I punted onto this flickr thingamabob wot I have got for myself. Funkily, I can punt stuff straight there from my camera using the attached telephone. Rather awesome. Time to dig through iPhoto and work out what to upload.

A thought, bubbling in the back of my head from last week. Am I really good at my job(s) because I was a last-minute crammer?

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Woke up at half past five, desperately certain that someone was living in our living room. Didn't manage to do more than doze since then, including daydreaming a weird action-movie take on Fallout. Stopped dozing at 6:15. Alarm went off at 7, as usual.