March 10th, 2009


Character Creation 50: Hunter: The Reckoning

Oops. Only done two characters since Crap Game Friday, and that was Boxing Day. That doesn't set a good precedent, but I do intend to press on. If nothing else, the smidgeon of writing in these entries ends up helping my brain work enough that I can sleep.

And it's the 50th entry. Woo, and indeed, Hoo.

The Game: Hunter: The Reckoning
The Publisher: White Wolf
Degree of Familiarity: Played both tabletop and in forum games
Books Required: Hunter: The Reckoning and Hunter Book: Visionary

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I love Eurogamer.

Gamers who have been clamouring for adult content for Nintendo's Wii are to be sorely disappointed. MadWorld is as juvenile a videogame as Barbie's Horse Adventures. Of course, juvenile doesn't necessarily mean that it's in any way suitable for children. Quite the opposite, in fact. After all, Barbie never got to dip her pony into a flaming oil drum before ramming it onto a spiked wall. Eyes first. Repeatedly.