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Outboard Memory Crashed is down. Fuck fuck fuck. I hate losing my brain. I'll put this here anyway: - a wonderful wordpress hack. It does require legacy my-hacks enabled in order to work and isn't exactly easy (but what is, these days?), but once you get the relatively simple setup done, and then realise that every instance of $p in that thing should be changed to $post->ID, things are good. I now have numbers of reads.

Following on from my specification, the pertinent changes are:

  • No auto-highlighting of the active category in the category selection menu. The breadcrumbs take care of that, by showing category name.
  • The layout is nowhere near done. I'm having to unlearn the bad habits I got into with CSS1, and learn both it and CSS2 from the ground up. I'm a programmer, not a designer, so this may take a while.
  • Changed the order of some things around in the menu. Personal links (here, ZPI,, metalinks (RSS1/RSS2/Atom/LJ syndicated feeds), external links.
  • No idea how to make the metalinks change to offer syndicated content only for the current category in category view. This is bad as I don't want to make the metablock bigger than it already is.
  • URIs are of form and and hopefully that's enough UI.
  • Category view is now a list of all articles in a category rather than the last 10.
  • Subcategory view has been removed pending me wondering how the fuck I can do it. Subcategories will remain, but in mutant form. Hopefully this does not impact the site-logic.
  • Article lists contain a teaser or description of the article thanks to a dead-easy hack.
  • Not really any further on per-post metadata, what should be in there and what should not.
  • Not even started the file skinner

Personally, I don't think that's too bad going. The real trick will be learning how to skin a site all over again.

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