December 28th, 2011



This one's just going out on LJ, not Dreamwidth or my blog or anywhere else.

Livejournal's once again rolled out a bunch of features that best suit it's main0 customer base, but that negatively impact smaller sectors of the customer base that do not feature the same capabilities for long-term and long-tail monetization1. Naturally, this makes sense for Livejournal. It's also yet another in a long series of LJ being less than stellar in thinking through the impact of their actions. Naturally naturally, the usual suspects are crying "conspiracy" based on evidence flimsier than the Bride of Dracula's lingerie. And yes, I think that's fucking stupid. But that doesn't mean that I blindly support LJ; I don't like stupidity on either side.

Dreamwidth is built by people who used to work for Livejournal. It's got Livejournal's feature set, plus a few nice tweaks (a separation of "I want to read" and "I want to give access to" for starters). You can post from Dreamwidth to Livejournal, you can mirror your already-existing Livejournal content to Dreamwidth in case the Russian government flips their shit again, and people can comment on a Dreamwidth entry using their Livejournal credentials (it's called OpenID, and lets you log in to sites A, B, and C using the login credentials for site X, and it's nice and secure).

Join us. We have whisky.

Until the end of the year, you won't need one of my hundreds of invite codes to create an account. After then, give me a shout.

Everything on this Livejournal (except meta-posts like this one) is mirrored from my Dreamwidth account. In a few months, I'm going to turn off comments here. Livejournal is more and more an archive, and most of the people I want to read have moved there. Some folk don't want to, that's fine. I still read my list on both sites. But Livejournal ain't my primary any more.

0: Pron: "Paying".
1: Pron: "That the rest of youse whinge about".