June 25th, 2015


For "Horse Manure 500 yards" read: "Bottomless perdition"

We made it out to the Botanic Gardens for the first time in too many years – the weather wasn’t shit and neither of us had a reason not to. Which as these things go is pretty much an excuse to go. They do a late opening on midsummer, so you can stick around until after half ten, when it finally starts looking like twilight.

We’d been on the beach at Yellowcraig earlier in the day where I got a couple of nice photos. It was a lovely day, which helped reinforce that it is actually midsummer. Not like the rest of the summer’s been so far (or since, for that matter).

Beach 1 Beach panorama

Then off to the Botanics for the late opening. Which was good, through the sky had clouded over enough that I didn’t get the shots that I’d hoped for. I did get something to remember the visit by, though. A bug or similar lurking in the upper respiratory that’s had me running a fever and generally buggered. Made it to work on Monday’ but not since. Nipping to the shop round the corner is a chore; doing work when all I can think about is breathing right is a bad idea.

So here I am, desperately trying to get comfortable on a sofa as I can’t sleep with my head down, picking out random memories and random photos to share. Enh. I’ve had worse weeks.

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