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Proud of Britain

So, the Government has set up a website for people who are proud of Britain. It's got a feedback form. Of course, they reserve the right to delete anything that's not entirely pro-lying-fascist, but I thought I might as well give it a go. For reference, I might as well include the note I sent because there's not a hope in Hell that it will ever be displayed. Look, no swearing!

I am proud of Britain, because despite this government's track record of lying, of wasting money, of using the bogeyman of "terrorism" as a means to control the populace, and of using "security" as a blanket excuse to strip away every civil liberty the British populace have, they have not yet stooped as low as their neo-conservative American counterparts and placed a simian halfwit in control. Better a smiling liar than a brain-dead chimpanzee, after all.

I am proud that there is a chance that I might get back the country I remember, the country I love. A country where I do not need to carry a papers to verify who I am, in direct breach of my right to privacy. A country where the rich are not given tax incentives to get richer and the poor are not forced to get poorer, giving their only income back to the rich. A country where the populace is trusted to go to the toilet in the morning or to have a pint in the pub on an evening without the Government telling them how much they should drink and how much toilet paper they should use.

I am proud that we still have a chance to vote out this Labour government, and to elect a party that will not strip away our every human right and then sell them back to us as just another tax.

So, other Brits: Join in. Let's have a bit of a laugh at the expense of the Party in Government before the very act of doing so gets us clapped in irons and hanged by the neck without charge nor trial.

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