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Deus Ex again

Been thinking about my Deus Ex game, as I've been playing the first and reading a lot about the second of the computer games. I've an idea for structure now, more ideas on the setting, what's in and what isn't. And I have a mad idea.

The first post (linked above) is the "core" document. All you need for it. Following that, five posts. One for each of the factions (UN, NSF-ApostleCorp, the Church, the Illuminati, and the Omar). The UN one is more a companion to the core, which assumes UNATCO PCs. The others are written from the P.O.V. of running a game where the named organization are the initial protagonists, with hooks, potential characters, new skill packages, bonus crunch, and notes on what's going on behind the scenes. These are going to be full-disclosure, in the manner of Unknown Armies. I would keep it all for a final Big Post of Secrets, but I can't be fucked writing a load of stuff that won't matter if anyone's actually going to play this because they'll have already contradicted it. Inamongst the five posts, NPCs like Chessman. Three or four for each superfaction.

Then I really, really need players.

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