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Four Things

Firstly, I'm not having anything to do with the "Let me tell you how cool you are" meme. Not because I think it's a terrible one, but because as anyone with a pair of brain cells to rub together has no doubt noticed, I have issues with that kind of thing and it'd drop me from borderline to pure narcissism. Such a state would be Not Good.

Secondly, a question for people knowledgeable about Mage: The Ascension. Hermetic House Skopos (from the Revised Tradbook), the one that deals with subconscious expectations shaping events. What's their basis in the real world? I have good reason for asking, that will be apparent to some soon.

Thirdly, I'm getting more than a little fucked off with web design. I understand how to do a load of tricks. I understand how to create content. I understand how to present that content dynamically. I understand how to semantically structure a document using decent and valid markup. I understand all the numbers and tags of and values. I just can't get a good design for the life of me. Probably goes back to my complete inability to draw: I can visualise just about anything, but by $DEITY if I try to use anything other than words to describe it I'm fucked[0].

This is quite a bit of a problem as I'm after a layout for the site (95-odd percent complete back-end wise, file-skinner still a pipe-dream for now) that's not generic. None of the default layouts are good, and I don't want to take someone else's even if it is freely available. It's the pride of the thing. It has to be something I come up with myself.

Fourthly, everyone who can get a copy of the computer game Deus Ex should do. It's old and will run on any modern machine (hell, this one's coming up on four years old and it's a dream to run). Play the hell out of it, then grab The Cassandra Project, a mod that re-sets things to a more modern-day feel, with a heavy does of situationalism and more talking than shooting. Only the intro is available, but play through it all anyway. Then weep, because there is no more. Then rejoice, because there are ultraspoilers that answer some of the questions and raise many more. And realise that you want to be in my next Mage game.

That last one shows that sometimes, I get these ideas and I can't do anything more than refer you lot back to the source because they are so perfectly executed there that me doing anything similar to them would be a) disrespectful and b) nowhere near as good.

[0]: This, by some oblique route, reminds me of catnik's suggestion (around the time of October Rain) that I do a graphic novel. Hopefully with her providing art, though that's very dependant on schedules. Definitely something I'd be after doing as a project, though.

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