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[Likely the last research post until I get ZPI off the ground.]

A confidential International Committee of the Red Cross report was leaked to the press citing treatment of detainees at Guantanamo as “tantamount to torture.” The report states that the U.S. government and American military are intentionally using psychological and physical coercion such as exposure to loud, persistent noise and music as well as extended exposure to cold. (This, by the way, is in addition to plain old beatings.) It also cites the use of extended forced positions. Even more troubling, the report makes clear that doctors and psychologists at Guantanamo are participating in the planning of interrogations, the better to exploit the physical and mental weaknesses of individual detainees.

Alarmingly, news of the report's findings didn't create much of a ripple in the media, or stir much outrage in the public at large. Granted, the New York Times ran a significant story, but the Washington Post online relegated the news to a fewer than 400-word brief under the somewhat restrained headline, "Red Cross Has Concerns About Treatment at Guantanamo." (This despite the fact that the report specifically uses the word "torture".) A day after the news first broke, the Los Angeles Times ran a story on page 23.

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