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Winter Fiction Blowout postscript

Not exactly a blowout. Five stories in six days. I had an excuse for the day in the middle that I can't really go into, but other than that I'm good. Unfortunately, I'm totally shagged out. Still catching up at twenty to midnight rather than writing and posting a new story, and tonight my excuse involves people and beer, a much worse excuse in my eyes.

There's still a couple of stories I want to write. "Darkness at the Heart of the Sun" and "One Last Drink on Saturday Night" call to me, but not yet. Rather than spread the event out with lame promises that I know I'm crap at keeping, I'm calling it. Five days is a week in most senses.

First drafts:

Golgotha and Back Again

My Powersuit Arrived From eBay Today


And Nothing... But The Truth

Requiem of the Stars

Nitpick. Point out spelling and grammar, places where the story makes no sense (unintentionally), and ending that comes too soon or too late, or where everything falls apart. Tweaks/rewrites and archives start Monday. You have until then.

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