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And damn nice. Two chicken kievs, roast peppers and Italian salad replete with makeshift dressing. Y'know I'm getting rather good at this cooking lark. I could get more than used to this. Still, Mage game tomorrow so the onus of feeding us is on stormys rather than myself. And I have ideas for the Mage game, oh yes.

Speaking of gaming in general, we've started a D20 modern game this afternoon that didn't make me retch. Some parts made me wince with the usual combination of bad innuendo and worse jokes, but that's just normal. That, and I've been able to indulge the slightest twink urges I have by going for a character based entirely on the Bastard Operator From Hell. 4 ranks in Computer Use, Computer Use Savant, Computer Use as one of my Occupation skills (Technician), and the Gearhead feat. That, plus my Int modifier, plus an Upgraded laptop gives me a Computer Use of 10, 11 with the laptop. For a first level character. Then again, I did have 44 skill points to spend... The game itself is pretty rocking. A group of disparate weirdos, from my own BOFH to a doctor to a priest to an anarchist and the spoiled 16-year-old J-pop girl. The lot of us rounded up by the police to go and investigate the kind of weird shite that could only happen in a modern D&D world. It works, to be honest, and I'm fired for the character in the "One of two sane people and only just at that" kind of way.

I'm going to try running a game on Mondays as well. I have the time to do so, my only problem is what to run. Either Werewolf, Trinity, Fading Suns, Unknown Armies or Exalted. None of the potential players have any experience of any of the games. They're also wide open when it comes to genre preferences, so it's up to me to decide what to run and to sell it to them. Bah. I'll manage to do so eventually.

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