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New Combat Journalism

Jesus Christ... New Combat Journalism has been cooking in my head for almost a year. That's a long time.

Go back to last February or March. eyebeams put me on to the Hong Kong Blondes and the idea of using hacktivists as the macguffin for a cyberpunk setting. Flash forwards about a month to a Mage character that embodied the early form of the concept. From there on to an essay on media cocoons And then... nothing.

I went away and thought a lot and wrote a lot on a lot of other subjects. I drank a lot, got suicidally depressed and generally made an arse out of myself a lot. I also met a lot of cool people, took interesting psychoactives and came up with all manner of insights into consciousness and magic and the world.

And then a couple of weeks ago, when setting up Zero Point Information, I read Kieron Gillen's manifesto on the New Games Journalism. And something clicked, something that lead to a story. And now, to a manifesto as well.

New Combat Journalism: A Manifesto. Go.

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