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Now, I'm not annoyed by this. I wish nobody any ill (how can I when it's two of the people on the planet that I like the most?), and I do honestly appreciate the thought that went into both people's gifts. It's just an entertaining coincidence.

Copies of Iron Sunrise bought for me through Amazon: 2

Anyone who doesn't have the former fancy a swap? It'd be faster than Amazon's returns policy

Rest of haul is good. Ended up with a hell of a lot of DVDs, and generally more stuff than usual. Probably because I bought a lot of it so grandparents would have stuff to wrap.

  • Spaced series one and two
  • Dylan Moran - Monster
  • Jimmy Carr - Live
  • Brass Eye full series
  • New jeans, jumper and scarf
  • Eats, Shites, and Leaves
  • Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary
  • Quicksilver
  • Various socks, kecks, deodorant and shower gel
  • Dinosaur Robots
  • Various chocolate and alcohol, usually paired together
  • A fat fucker of a joint, guaranteed to get an elephant stoned.

Right. Off to enjoy that last.

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