Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Today consisted of nothing noteworthy. The last few hours have been tweaking laptop things and transferring files, and polishing the final draft of the TSH. And really, that's been it. Stuck in fullscreen mode, all dialogue off.

And really, that annoys me. Only in a slight way, but it does. Because it's gone midnight and I've not created anything. I've not done anything major, just some odds and ends that needed doing sooner rather than later, and that leave me with nothing interesting to say on this damn journal. That's why I can't sleep, nothing's exhausting my brain so it keeps working while three or four in the morning, desperate to do something. And the only way I know to stop that is to create, or to drink. I'm not drinking alone, so that means creating. Which I haven't been doing, and I really need to start

Ramble over

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