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Scattershot of thoughts, blasted out at high speed.

Lexham Insurance Consultants - Avoid them like talking to them on the phone would give you tertiary syphilis. They seriously fucked up the insurance when my bike was stolen[0], and now think I want to give them more money. So a fair warning to anyone UK-based. The reasoning for this one is in the locked post just now, because it's so long.

Cities are the effects of centralised networks. Institutions (governments, banks, organised religion) form into local centres and attempt to converge. City/Corporation/Government == Life/Work/Politics. All centrally controlled. Ties into Milgram as well, the need for centralised networks exists because of people not accepting their obedience urge. Opposites in Discordianism, anarchy and chaos magic. figg gives good brainfood.

While I think about it, the Deus Ex soundtrack is available in mp3 format. It's great writing music, quiet enough not to get in the way but there enough to reinforce creativity.

Hendrix in the headphones. Ideas in the brain. Words under my belt for the day. Finally, relaxation.

[0]: At least, that's what I'm trying to say instead of "conned me out of dosh like common thieves".

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