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New Labour

This was originally going to go on ZPI. Politics features in my research not just to give me something to satire but because it shows a lot about the attitudes of the time and what kind of things people can get away with when they get power.

Then I realised the part I wanted for ZPI was a paragraph, and I couldn't justify putting a snarky one-liner on the end of that. Besides, the snarky one-liner turned into a few paragraphs. Not going on the main site as politics there is for proper, intelligent stuff. A much cleaner Enemy Territory, without the swearing and general ate.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has ruthlessly put his own stamp on his party's election blueprint, promising a fresh administration would be "unremittingly New Labour".

That's a paragraph to send shivers down anyone's spine.

New Labour, let us not forget:
  • Has tried to privatise the NHS (so the poor can't afford healthcare).
  • Has managed to get the abhorrent idea of university top-up fees made into a law, because students' aren't poor enough.
  • Is pushing for a police state where everyone must exist on a database that the government control, or be a criminal.
  • Has supported the idea of religious groups providing the majority of funding for some state-run schools.[0]
  • Has been a puppet on a string for the American government, despite overwhelming opposition by the population.
  • Has lead the country into an illegal and immoral war to appease his American friends, despite overwhelming opposition by the population.
  • Is setting up a system where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
  • Is setting arbitrary limits on what perfectly legal passtimes the population can take part in.
  • Is ignoring that his government's policy of locking up foreigners without charge, trial, or proper access to a lawyer is in breach of basic human rights.
  • Has ignored calls for referenda on Europe, the war in Iraq, ID cards, and many other highly unpopular moves, instead believing that he knows better than the people he is supposed to represent.
  • Has waved the flag of "Terrorism" around while not providing any evidence or justification.

Another term for New Labour would see more of that. Much more. And they are here campaigning with it as if it's a good thing? But for them it is, their spin and lies has made it harder for people to get at real information about anything.

Next election: New Labour and the Tories both are your enemies.

[0]: That's "public" schools in the rest of the world, a public school is like Eton, where one must bugger the darling children of upper-class cunts to get anywhere.

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