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In lieu of having a decent tool for listing and prioritising (though I'm playing with a couple on the treo), I might as well make a note of everything I'm supposed to work on at some point.

  • Strange Future needs finishing. Just Strange Planet and the Coda to go
  • Shattered City needs plotting and writing.
  • Asylum is getting another two parts
  • Rewrites are ongoing, getting stuff off the LJ and onto the new site.
  • OGN project needs plotting and scripting
  • OS-OGN needs me to set up six macguffins from the pool, write up the world bible and then get to work plotting and scripting.
  • Mad Web Project Thing is paused until I find a better way to dynamically convert streams to mp3
  • Revise the Urban Fantasy game when the new R3 rules are ready.

Am I missing anything? I keep saying that things need doing and then forgetting, thus mental housekeeping here.

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