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It's the silliest things sometimes. I've not used Word of my own volition for a long time. OpenOffice is more than good enough for me, does everything I want from a word processor (which varies, frankly, given that I'm rediscovering emacs).

But there's always that one niggling thing that never lets go.

Right now, as I go through a couple of thousand words on something that seemed worth the essay at the time, I really miss Word's grammar checker. Or rather, I really miss the part that highlights passive sentences. I know that there is a load of them in there. I can tell by the little hints, the way it sound swhen I read it back to myself. But, given that I've got no more than a GCSE in English, I can't pick out passivity in non-basic situations. Normally, that's enough to be called a nitpicker. But when I can't pick them up in my own writing, it scares me.

The only problem with using Word to get the damn green underlinings means a) Finding and installing Word, and all its unneeded features and general brokenness and b) dealing with the rest of that braindead grammar checker, that worries about a "which" without a leading comma, but never weights the suggestion based on the rest of the sentence.

Open source passivity checker that can handle long and sometimes complex sentences. Too much to ask for?

[Essay has been delayed while I procrastinate about editing]

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