Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Slow day

Recursive dream. Still not sure if I'm really awake or not. I can't remember much aside from waking up at 8then waking up in the dream at several points after, and every time the clock still said 8:00. here's an e-mail in my inbox that, in the real world, contains advice. Each level of the recursive dream, it's contained every bit of bad news it's possible to give me. Hence, even looking at my inbox is giving me an anxiety attack of epic proportions. Stupid brain.

The web is quiet today. I'm reading ASR archives, mainly because there's nothing else to do. Nobody's talking, and both MeFi and BoingBoing are darker than normal, a genuine lack of stuff. I'm reminded of a few things, but given the general state of today I'm trying not to think about them.

Comments disabled. I'd much rather people went back an entry and told me what they thought of Strange Planet, especially the ending. As the last chapter of the first series I've finished writing, people affirming or denying my belief that it's crap would be very helpful.

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