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For now, notes on the first four chapters, explaining the more out-there concepts in Mage terms. Entirely stream of consciousness. Will patch up when I'm more awake.

Any snarkiness is because I feel like shit. And am insane, but I'm holding the latter back as best I can.

Random notes on the final chapter and the future-history are coming up as and when I write them. If you want me to cover something or to go back to something I missed, comment. Otherwise I'll ignore you like I already have, because I'm not fucking telepathic.

The creation engines in the guns are standard infinite ammo rotes (I won't bother pointing out the obvious again). Likewise, the targetting goggles are accuracy enhancing rotes with a built-in Mind-based distraction rote for people who are no longer part of the Technocracy (the advertising).

Rogue Specialists are agents of the old Sons of Ether and Virtual Adepts who make their trade making and altering Technocratic rotes. They've sold out because everything they do everything coincidentally with regards to the dominant paradigm.

Implants are foci for Mind effects, including detecting the weaker AIs that have been created with Mind. Some of the more powerful AIs use extradimensional logic -- and thus have been made with Spirit magic.

The Free Information Foundation is the last bastion of the Traditions, Virtual Adepts who remember their roots. The doors are a Matter effect.

Uploading (as Jerry and Alex do it anyway) is a Correspondence/Mind/Spirit rote. It untethers the mind as Mind 5 Astral Projection, then Correspondance and Spirit relocate the users to a set position in the Umbra (the High Umbral realm of the Habitat).

The Habitat is... weird. A vastly powerful Talisman that generates its own Realm in the High Umbra. It also maintains a rote that uses Life, Spirit and Prime keep a channel open between the body and spirit. It reinforces that bond, preventing Disconnection. This rote fails and Disconnection works retroactively if the body is destroyed -- as is the case with Sirhan, though nobody knows that this has happened. Anyone who has Stepped Sideways and moved to the Habitat doesn't get the benefit of Corresponding to and from the Realm. They do get the benefits of the anti-Disconnection effect, using life-energy channeled from the biosphere of the planet. Of the 60 mages aboard the Habitat, there's maybe 15 who went this way, and so the results of the Effect aren't obvious to people on Earth.

The Habitat Realm has search algorithms and discussion boards and the like -- all a big Mind effect that people aboard tap into.

Paradigms -- Alex is NWO (and later shades of VA) style memetics (Mind), probability analysis (Entropy), with some knowledge of extradimensional knowledge (Spirit) and temporal hyperphysics (Time). She worked out the principles of the Uploading rote, but didn't have the ranks in the Spheres needed to use it. For that, she turned to Jerry.
Jerry is VA in full information theorist mode. A leader in information theory and computational mathematics (Mind and Spirit), holographic spatial manipulation (Correspondence) and nanoengineering (Matter)
Sirhan was a House Xaos Hermetic. Blending Discordianism, information theory and ancient mystery religions into a whole gives him a framework for Spirit, Forces, Time and Prime effects.

Grammar engines. These are very updated versions of the lingua fraca between Traditions -- terms like Avatar, Sphere (and the Sphere names), Awakening and so on. Whereas the old scheme requires someone to learn a whole load of new terms, the new one is more subtle. A Mind rote, it translates the deep meaning of things that don't mesh with the user's paradigm into terms that do. Therefore, a Dreamspeaker doesn't have to divide the obedient spirits he deals with into spirits of fortune and elementals to discuss Entropy and Forces. He speaks in terms he understands, and if the listener is running a grammar engine, she will hear everything in terms of her own paradigm.

Medical/educational nanotech -- worldwide coincidental Correspondane/[Life/Mind] effects. Worldwide? Hell yes. The Technocracy uses *governments* as foci for a truly fucking huge ritual with enough successes to scare anyone. These, along with implant tech, are almost at the point of being static by the time of Strange Order.

Anti-adware for neural implants is a Mind rote that blocks mental spam. Free-floating implant upgrades are Mind/Life/Matter effects that upgrade existing implants to make better use of the web of communications technology.

Corporate AIs are spirits summoned into the corporation using the corporate operating procedures as a new form of the "contract with the Devil" type of summoning ritual. Some are old-fashioned AIs created with Mind. In either case, the intelligent parts are property held in bondage to the board/summoners -- nonhuman intelligences do not have any legal rights, being treat the same as intellectual property. As an aside, the term IP has come to mean "Intelligent Property" among some of the controllers.

The increasing cultural delta is simply the trend of history -- the rate of cultural change increases over time. Nothing magical needed.

0wning... I dunno how much explaining this needs, so what the hell. A computer system is 0wned if nothing goes in or out without a malicious program knowing. Hacked, cracked and thoroughly rooted. The kind of machine you own if you run Windows and haven't followed my advice. In terms of uploaded people, it's putting the simulation into a sandbox that simulates the host system without being the host system, a virtual host. It's a process often used to find out just what viruses do. In Mage terms... Jerry and Alex were put in a subrealm off the Habitat realm that mimicked the Habitat. The only way to get out was to fork -- to duplicate themselves repeatedly until they overwhelmed the subrealm and broke through to the real realm.

Backups are duplicates of everyone held by the Habitat ream periodically. The only way to really die in the realm is to delete all backups and then die. Obviously whoever created the Habitat intended for the guards to stick around. Corrupting the backups is Spirit/Prime. Cleaning them up is countermagic on the effect. Simple.

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