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Random game ideas.

My ability to concentrate on anything to the point of being interesting is slipping away. I should be back up to the level of interesting by next week, assuming other concerns don't drain me more. We shall see. Until then, expect me to be silent just about at random.

In the meantime, I've been getting ideas again.

Exalted: A Siderial game. A cross between Men In Black, OHMSS, Planetary, and kung-fu action. Fuck Gold/Bronze faction dealings, these are the guys who deal with/cover up rogue gods, cut deals with the Rakasha, discover the secret history that even the Siderials don't know about, and make sure that the sun comes up each morning.

MSH/Aberrant (undecided): Realistic superheroics. Because frankly, Millar's Ultimates is shite. So we have a super-team assembled along similar lines by HM Gov't, but with a posthuman weakly-superhuman intelligence in control rather than a military hardcase and a bunch of insane geniuses. Lots of explodo, some tangling with government departments, some mild politics, and time-travel madness.

Mage: Hell on Earth to start with, then flash forwards fifty years. The PCs are the descendants of (or rather aged versions of) the original characters who holed away on Mus, and are the only non-Nephandic awakened in the world. They must deal with a nightmare Earth in order to save humanity. Think Mage meets Wicked City meets Kult meets Ellis' run on the Authority.

Finally, one for the Deus Ex game. Aliens (as in, the Geiger bastards) aboard the UNSCIT space station. PCs are sent up to move the station before the xenomorph asteroid hits it, in order that a dieback[0] satellite can knock the asteroid out of orbit. Cue agents running around a space station with no real gravity, a bunch of psychopathic cyborg nutcases, and acid-blooded alien freaks, and just about no way home.

I need gaming groups.

[0]: Dieback projects are based on the idea that there are too many humans. Dieback cuts the number of people down to a manageable level by launching kinetic missiles at the ten or twenty or howevermany hotspots of human population.

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