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I should never have got out of bed.

Some day this turned out to be. A bank statement where the final number next to the big minus sign is big enough to cure constipation, a jaunt to the supermarket where I lose my wallet, containing £2.50 even though I'm going to have to blow at least a tenner on a leather wallet like that. I keep my cards in another wallet, so the fact that I have to spend more than I lost to replace the wallet is what gets my goat. Then get home and only just remember what day it is. Well, fucksocks. I'll be going to bed with a large bottle of vodka now...

The odd thing is, this is the third Singles Awareness Day I'm not single, or at least not considering myself single. The third. That's worrying, in a good way. Of course, the fact that it means noticing things like SAD here is freaky. Three out of twenty one that I've not been cold, alone and waning to murder someone. That's a record. A freaky one, but a record.

There's more, but this is not the place. Today could still stop me being so down.

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