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I'm getting too tired earlier and earlier on a Friday. Likely because I keep shifting the other weekdays later and later. It's all I can do until I'm surrounded by people running on some form of Eastern US time, the time to which my brain works and my body feels best attuned to.

One thing done last night: I've got a place for Shattered City to aim for. Dickens, Wells and Marx meet Gibson and Stephenson in a bar, get thoroughly drunk and ask Hammet and Chandler to tell them a story, all shouting out their own bits at once. First bit should be up later tonight.

I'm in no mood for editing anything, hence the lack of stuff being transferred. It's not big and it's not clever, but I still can't stand going through things with a fine-tooth comb so I put it off again and again. Just another sacrifice to the gods of procrastination.

One thing I have noticed about is that the LJ feed doesn't archive entries. Once the RSS dies, the LJ entry dies, along with the comments on it. Given that the comments therefore last for a week at most, would you all mind terribly commenting on the site itself rather than the LJ feed? Thanks.

Right. Time to grab a curry and get the first part drafted.

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