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Curry for breakfast, a nice spicy korma. I'm sat here with my hair still wet from the shower, barely dressed and my brain is on fire. In a good way.

First things first: In the same vein as inscrutable, the big Friends List of Who I Would Beat In A Fight.

amokk would probably beat me. He's got the pent-up rage thing and would unleash it all at once, throwing an engine blok into my chest cavity.

arist_one_eye is going down. He doesn't seem partiicularly combative, though I may mock his writing to get some challenge out of the fight.

I'm sorry but I'd lose to baronsamedi. Whenever I think of him, and I know it not to be true but even so, I see this giant Vodun God of Death who has come in full skull facepaint to show me how it's done. I'd lose but learn.

bruceb has the beard. It'd take me ages to get a beard like that, and that he has one shows why he would win.

catnik I'm stuck on. I couldn't hit her worth mentioning, I know this, but my reputation's on the line here. It'd devolve into something scrappy until we wore each other out. No comments from the peanut gallery.

dj_rabid_angel has a shady enough past that I can fully believe he would have greater prowess at arse-kicking than he lets on. I'd lose, I think.

etherlad is Canadian, which is rather like saying "American and French at the same time". No contest, I demonstrate why I am doing this fight in the first place and go the full way on him.

Definitely everinward would be the most interesting fight to watch as we're both Usenet-hardened sociopaths with hardened combat skills. However, I would eventually emerge victorious by embodying the Art of Violence to a higher level. That and reminding the world why Prolog blows as any kind of programming language.

eyebeams, though Canadian, would demonstrate why he is the one being paid to write and I am not, which would send me home in a little crying ball of destroyed self-respect.

horza would be distracted by the new anime stuff I would throw at him and would thus go down fast in a fight. He's got the rage but not the control.

I'd fall to hot_pants. It wouldn't even be funny. I can't marshal that kind of rage.

inscrutable would fall before my powers of anger and booze. I'd make sure it was a good show.

jachilli would kill me. I am but an adept at booze and violence, he is the undisputed master. That, and he'd show me his bar tab, causing me to pass out.

Me vs. jackslack is coming up on Pay Per View. No advance results will be given.

mouseferatu is Texan. I'm fucked.

mythicfox desn't have the energy to last in a drawn out slugfest. That, and I'd bring my crowbar.

oakthorne would be a close fight. He'd probably win in the end though.

There's no fight with coaldustcanary. For blatantly obvious reasons. That, and if there were she'd call an uncle and I'd be swimming with the fishes, if you catch my meaning.

stormys would be interesting. He's high more than I am and seems more mellow, so I could probably take him.

thepoorman would fall. He's Canadian, I'm angry and English with a crowbar.

Winning against lisechen would require that I not allow myself to be tickled by her. This is harder than it sounds. She's also a small target.

triplee would go into some psycho rage thinking about his ex and would leave me a broken man before I could land a punch.

wolvenrangesid I could probably beat. She has the whole pacifism thing, so it wouldn't even be a challenge.

Note to anyone on this list: Don't be offended, it's all in fun. I'm not actually going to start a fight with you. No harm was meant.

I've been having weird dreams that would probably end up on the Hollywood slush pile were I ever to write about them so I won't. But they've put me in the mind to do something crazy. Well, the dreams and hot_pants' idea of making an Exalted CRPG in the style of Chrono Trigger. I want to do something mad. I want to run a 1920's London Werewolf game, hunting down the Murder Captains, engaging in rooftop chases with fetish pistols blazing when trying to track down the Jaguar Prince, and finding and destroying the joining of Wyrm and Weaver that is the Charnel Ship. I want to do something crazy and mindless and above all fun. I want to break the mold and write something that shouldn't work but does. I want to show the world what wonder should be like, dragging it kicking and screaming into a new way of looking at the world, a less mundane way.

The fact that this will never amount to anything as my only audience is the maybe 30 people that read this journal has not escape me. But today more than usual I want to change the world.

An old friend pinged me over MSN a couple of days ago. Weird, hearing from someone I once was very close to, whom I haven't seen for over a year and a half. it also reminded me of how much I've changed in that time. I'm no longer one of the snuggly mob (not that I was ever much of a part, but I was on the fringes), I have my writing and my degree and I can't be fucked keeping up with everything that goes on with everyone that happened to decide to just vanish one day and reappear a year and a half later. Yes, I've become a harsher person. This is a good thing to be on the Internet, and anyone talking about "making the Internet a safe place" is going to get a free kick in the happy sacks from me. The Internet should not be a "safe place". It should not be accessible to everyone. If you cannot use a computer, why should you be allowed to get on the 'net?

A better idea: Two Internets. The WinBlows lusers can have one, which is nice, pretty and full of fucking Teletubbies holding the hands of little cutesy animated paperclips. The problem will be that there's no real information out there. But thing is, people are nice to each other. The real Internet will be barred from any machine that runs WinBlows. It will be where all the information is held, but if you want to get at it you have to prove that you're computer-savvy enough to not be brainwashed by the Beast of Redmond, and that you have the intelligence and social graces to deal with us. If you can do that then you become one of us. It's an elitist society because that is how things fucking should be, not some "level playing field" bullshit that all these 'blows-using shitheads want to make the 'net. Not everyone is equal online. If you cannot deal with that one simple little fact, get the fuck off the net. It's elitist but it is right to be that way and fuck the lot of people that want milk and fucking cookies every time someone "hurts their feelings".

I finally got around to playing Natural Selection. It is fantastic. If this replaces Counter-Strike I shall not shed a tear. It captures the one thing that CS can never have: It's fun for new players. They can jump in, learn the game in a reasonably short space of time and actually feel like they are a contributing part of a team, rather than being fast and easy frags for the other team and nothing else. Go out, get Half Life, get Natural Selection, go Marines and wait for me and stormys to eat you.

I'm in one of those moods where I make something really great and then break it out of a perverse sense of hatred of the world.
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