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Ideas. I had time to work on some things during the time offline. Thing is, I can't work out what to do with them. Man Red/Man Green is going slow, with a story wrapping around it that's one part the Atrocity Archives and one part the Invisibles.

Atomic minds still haven't cooked anything properly. I have some way of using the quote, but it's only at the point where it's a kernel. I may end up making that fastfiction, a 200-word short just to get it out of my head without having to worry about how to frame it.

Futurology I need to proofread, and get it sent to Commercial Suicide. In lieu of that, I need an artist for it.

Shattered City is stalled. This is likely because I'm surrounded by the setting now and twisting it in my mind isn't as easy when everything's looking right back at me. We shall have to see. I know where I'm going with it in the sense of story as well as the core of the idea, but the extra detail takes time to ferment.

Life in general, on the other hand, is going as best it can. A lot of watching films, eating food, drinking, smoking, fighting with weird NICs, and other such things. I need to head up Arthur's Seat at some point. It's just past my doorstep, and such a location is too good to be true. Time to connect to the world again, feel everything flowing under my feet. That sort of thing gives me a boost.

So, yes. Work tomorrow. Sleep now.

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