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Sat here with a story to tell

And the words refuse to line themselves up in my mind.I was going to write tonight, give you all some of what you like to see. Because, y'know, I like doing that. I like writing, not just for the reaction it engenders[0], but for the art of creating based around an idea.

Speaking of which: If you're an artist and want a shot at drawing comics, let me know. The more detailed you can do, the better. I may ask for test pics.[1]

The reason I haven't written anything is twofold. First off, I got locked out earlier tonight. The lock didn't like my key, because it is too new. It took a couple of hours after I first tried, with gominokouhai glaring at it for it to open. This drained me more than a little.

The second reason is that horza is here. The guy whom I will be living with. This is a good thing, because I don't want to get into the mindset that this is somehow "my" flat before he moves in, because I'd get territorial and this is bad. Thus, we went down the pub.

There is a chance of him getting a job at the same place I'm at, and I don't know if I want to pimp it him or not. On the one hand, job = income = good. On the other, that'd mean seeing him most of the day, at work and after, and I know from bitter experience that this can be a bad thing. Our peer groups intersect, but differ enough that it'd probably be possible, but I'm not sure I want to tempt any kind of fate. But... yeah. Have to see how that all pans out. It will be for the best, I think. I hope.[2]

Hrm. *hits XMMS* 60's singularity. That could work. Idea crystallising.

[0]: That this appeared for a long time to be the only reason I write is a lie I believed for too long, and am trying to unbelieve.
[1]: I know I won't get any answers, but I have to try.
[2]: Inserted by pessimist-me.

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