Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


There's an ache in my back, somewhere between a dull ache and the hard crushing blow of a hammer on both extensors. Backache feels like a comfortable old shoe as it fucks over my weekend once again.

My options are triple: I can venture out, into the cold, to consume boozeohol. This will stop the pain through muscle relaxation. However, given that my blood pressure is already low, not the best of plans. Especially when I could fall fast asleep at any moment, and am likely to attack people verbally and physically for saying the wrong word a single sharp or flat off-key. Not a people person.

I could sleep now. I just have, for the past hour and a half. Crawled into bed and let my eyes close. But it's half past fucking nine. Even if I do that for my normal twelve hours, there's still going to be a period tomorrow morning here I can't sleep and am awake, despite it being a weekend. This is a big problem.

Or, I could sit in front of the telly with my laptop on, pausing only to venture out to Tescos for food. Problem? It's almost as sad as the second option. And requires watching telly.

I hate when this doesn't happen on a work-night.

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