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Poking the monkey

Ever get the feeling that the world has decided to poke at you, just to see the reaction? I'm bored as hell upon waking up, so I head to the forum. Three guesses. Nothing intelligent. Nothing. Random posts which are funny, sure, but everything that is on topic screams "Hey I'm new and this is sooooo kewl!"

Here's a hint: It isn't. It has never been. It wasn't three years ago, it isn't now and if you bothered to engage your brain before posting you would realise that. If only people would think before they clicked that little "Post Now" button. Of course, they don't. And of course, nobody with any sense is online to back me up, so I'm left to deal with the idiocy on my own. One of these days, there might be a return of the intelligence to the forum. I can but hope.

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