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I'm not sure how much longer I can take this bitch of a landlady. She said at the start of the winter she'd take a proportion of the electricity bill to take into account the storage heaters were being used 24/7. So, now Matt's gone and the electric bill is in. She's conveniently forgotten about her 1/5, and Matt's 1/5. So we have to hand over yet more fucking money to the long-winded cow. I would call her on it, mentioning things like "Verbal contract", "twenty four hours notice", "crowbar for waking me up", but I'd only get Yet Another Fucking Earfull, like we all do whenever she wants a "quick word".

Even worse is that this information was delivered in her normal voice (damn loud) at 10 a.m. yesterday to John right outside my door. And carried on for an hour. So much for my lie in. So much for me having one day out of three where I could get more than 4 hours sleep. Surely I have no reason to get more than 4 hours a night at any point...

So yesterday had me feeling like an insomniac for most of the day, slamming back Pro Plus so that I stay functional. Didn't get any work done due to tiredness and matters several orders of magnitude more important came up. No, I'm not going to elaborate.

Finally got a lie in this morning, FSVO `lie in' close to `eight hours sleep'. Today's been much the same as yesterday, grey and uninspiring when I look out of my window, nothing but the constant slog of more work upon more work battering my brain. The demonstration of my code on Thursday went well but that just means I'm back in the slog of not wanting to thin about it for a few days. That and the code for the group assignment is in Mathematica, which is a joke not a programming language. So yet more procrastination, my mind looking for something, anything that isn't work and isn't the ordinary. This is the problem with not being a homeostat: I need new things to think about. I can't sit back and do more drudgery on my project because right now that is the most boring thing my mind can come up with. So I procrastinate. Appointment with the counsellor at uni, I think. See if they can get anything sorted out.

Damnit, I've started zoning out to nothing again. This house is damn cold without the storage heaters, but we can't afford to have them running. Right now we've run out of emergency credit on the gas as well. Thus it is cold. Thus, I'd better sign off and get some gas credit.

Look! What have I become?
Distancing myself so far and from
But gazing up I wave the night boat on
For now its heaven in deepest Tottenham

What have I done to deserve this fate?
Its all going wrong
Even my cab fares been and gone
Now I'm lagging in deepest Tottenham

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