Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Sleep again

Complaining again. It happens.

Lungfoam attacks very bad. Too much time in flats/pubs where I can smoke that suddenly 20 a day seems normal, and the solid, hacking cough is just an inevitable conclusion. Not good. But other things are going to help with that anyway. Cutting down si teh good. I used to have six a day, damnit...

Not sleeping again. Not well, anyway. This is getting to be too common. In addition to going to bed earlier (so as to deal with the fuckers upstairs being awake and creaky before I am), I need some way of sleeping through a night. I've tried drinking, and it doesn't work. Sleeping itself isn't the bother, it's sleeping deep enough that random clattering outside doesn't wake me up. So, anyone have any usable suggestions? Bonus points for being able to ignore the creaking from upstairs without ignoring my alarm clock, which is also sound-based (so ear plugs probably right out).

In other news: The Pope!Death is clogging the TV news. Nothing interesting or useful, just "Here's some random person who once met the Pope!" Have thus spent the last ten minutes swearing at the television.

Spent yesterday on the hill with other torchies. Migrated from there to pub at about four. Wandered from pub in search of food at just gone eight. Headed back to figg's and started on vodka. However, I can't afford to do what I have been doing for much longer, and I need to spend more time jamming information into my veins. Spending one night a week in my flat sure can't hurt.

Rambling. Again. Comes from waking up every couple of hours. Suggestions, damnit. Because I dislike doctors whom I don't know, and I hate taking time off work to go see them to get drugs to do what I used to naturally.

Spending more time in the flat means I spend more time writing as well. See? Good for the filthy readership, too.
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