Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Random Creativity

Playing CoH in a half-vegetative state (too knackered to make it to the pub -- now that's criminal), I let my brain wander enough to come up with random superhero backstories. Unfortunately, one got rather long and winding, involving some rather interesting concepts ("Humanity" as a memetic invader out to destabilise the planetary consciousness field and so on) that, fuckit, I have to use it for something a bit more serious.

So I am.

Along with brains in jars. Because everyone loves brains in jars.

Also: Had a random idea for a thing. 12-page comic-book size thing. Front cover, 5-6 pages of comic, 1-2 pages concept art, 3 pages of prose fiction printed upside down, back cover printed upside down, so it can be read from either end. No ads, no wasted space. Just people showing off. Release the bugger online under a CC license, and sell printed copies for fifty pence a pop to anyone who sends an SAE, and to local comics shops etc.

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