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Mmm, weekend.

Last night. Last night I spent in the pub. And then in DKY, for Cock Rock night. Replete with air-guitar competition. And no music newer than 1993. And mad hair-going-wild action. Oh yes. That I had been on the beers after the departmental meeting at work does not bear mentioning, as it was not real beer. My back hurts, but I haven't felt that good since Saturday nights in Germany. A truly wonderful state of affairs.

Today: Spent quite a while playing CoH. Found out about Exemplaring with my katana-wielding robot. Basically, I become weak in order to help out weak people. Really rather fun. Especially when everyone else is about to die and I realise that I can turn the bloody thing off, become an invincible engine of death (enemies five levels lower, and I have all my invincibility powers back) and quote The Princess Bride at the same time. Beautiful. Then Doctor Who (the new series is highly addictive, you must see it), and drinking. And watching Nausicaa. A very fun evening indeed. And I have some more random ideas.

Instantiate a version of bittorrent with a decentralised tracker on everyone's implants. What happens when the sum-total of human culture is stored as a distributed library in the exominds of the population? Possibility of adding that to the OSOGN, but I dunno.

Mnemotechnics. Memetic technologies for manipulating memories and projecting them into reality. Something somewhat influenced by Top 10, but with more fucked-up cops. ("What did you do to him? He's screaming like a child." "He's re-living my sixth birthday. Give me a fucking cigarette.") Dunno if it's work, but I can't get rid of it.

That's at least three ideas, from which I can get at least two stories. Now I just need to write the fuckers. Which means spending less time on CoH.

I leave you with this parting thought, which I must get on a shirt:

Mimes don't exist. Tell your friends.

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