Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Got through work with only a few grey hairs and some more wrinkles, though I dread to think how tomorrow will treat me. I can't stand thinking so fast when I have nothing to think fast about, and no way of expressing non-work-related thoughts to clear mental cache without people seeing. It's weird. This is without more than the normal dose of caffeine I require to be alive in the morning, and yet I look at the clock every fifteen minutes and find that only five have passed. Perhaps my brain is undergoing time dilation?

After work was fund-raising for torchies, which was good. Accosting people with fliers is always fun. Hell, accosting people in general is fun, but this time I had a reason for it. And then off down the pub, where I sat tiredly with a couple of drinks until deciding to head back.

Had a random moment of realisation on the way back: I live in Edinburgh. Something I have wanted to do for the past *mumble* years. An ambition I had. And I've gone and fucking done it. It hadn't even began to sink in until this point, then suddenly a hammer-blow to my head. I'm here. No more striving to escape the black hole that is Hull's field of soul-destroying crap. No more need to get out of a dead-end job with a boss who hates me because I'm good at my job and still slack off. I'm here, and before I even realise that the city feels like home to me. I love it here.

So yes. Still not dead.

Getting behind with editing and ZPI-ing and not using my local bookmarks and so on. Going to catch up and then issue a general reminder of feeds and the like. Offering them now would be pointless.

In other news: less than 100 posts before I hit the LJ milennium. I don't know whether to be proud, or just post meaningless angst.

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