Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Spooling tonight to a memory diamond, a semifractal mnemonic construct. Just to be sure, you understand.

Last night was as potentially embarrasing as I expected, but I have been worse and remember being worse so it's not bad. The cause has been identified. Red Bull, by the pint. Having subsisted on the Madness for too long, my tastes for the real shit have been dulled. Thus I had forgotten how pissed one gets with the good stuff in one's system. And thus was plastered before leaving the Hoose.

And more plastered after arriving at Emmental, drinking Glen's neat ($DEITY, I want to wash my mouth out with bleach just saying that), and having a puff of ten from Eduardo, figg's wonderful contraption.

That explains that, then.
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