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For those of you that follow the Werewolf forum, here's a little treat. My response to a 14 year old inbred on the Patriarch thread.

>>There is no difference between faith and religion.<<

This is wrong on so many levels it is truly impossible to define. There is plenty of difference, you dribbling moron. It is possible to have faith in things without imparting the strict belief structures of a religion on to the thing in which one has faith. For instance, on my rare happy days I have faith that humanity has not regressed back to the levels of plankton. I really cannot prove this with idiots like you around, but I have faith that you are not the benchmark for my species. Does this mean that "Hoping that not all humanity is a drooling fuckhead" is suddenly a religion?

>>The only right to religion I give you is to be ignored in case I don't like your religion.This is the principle of peaceful conexistence. If you tries to speak to me about religion I will tell you how stupid you and wrong you are.<<

I can't believe I missed this on the first pass. First, you give nobody any rights. You are not special, their rights are not yours to give. Secondly, we have the right to flame the ever-loving fuck out of you for your views on religion, which are (and let's be honest here) the kind of thing I'd expect from a five year old rhesus monkey, not an actual human being. It's a right I feel like exercising, because you're just too inviting a target. Third, about this whole "stupid and wrong"? You're funny. The only one you can prove stupid is yourself (which you're doing an admirable job of), and how precisely do you intend to prove all of us who happen to follow a religion that we are wrong for doing so? Under which classification of right and wrong will we be using? The strict logical sense, something more along the lines of Kant, or perhaps Descartes? I'd like to see you try, only to fail utterly.

Rejected, learn English in such a way that you're not embarrassing our non-EFL forumites with your gibbering. Really, the whole rest of your posts is your prepubescent anger towards authority figures being directed at the Christian church in particularly ill-phrased insults in which you mistakenly believe that you have points. Here's the short form: You don't. You are coming across as an illiterate blob of protoplasm which is outclassed in intelligence by several single-celled organisms. You're also coming across as if you have the temper of a spoiled four year old denied having a pink sky because they want a pink sky.

The sky is blue, sweetheart. Nobody really gives two tugs of a dead dog's cock what you think because none of us will be able to discern meaning from that tripe you (I assume) call `spelling' and `grammar' and I'm only even posting this because I've run out of floppy disks to sacrifice to the Gods and the vodka hasn't yet worn off.
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