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Still not perfect

But I'm getting there. Unloading all the local information, getting used to getting these things out of my head and my own collection of disks and onto other peoples.

Time for a general round up of what goes where.

No link, you're reading it. Stories here are posted for feedback/commentary which gets worked in to the finished form, they're generally first-draft level. The rest should be obvious. [web] [rss] [atom] [digiraven_feed]
Main site. Home of my structured writing online. Mostly a collection of the stories I've finally got around to editing, with the odd compsci/political/media rant thrown in for extra fun. Been dead for a while, but that's because I hate editing things. [web] [rss] [atom] [zpi_feed]
Research and repost stuff. Articles that I find interesting that aren't by me. Lots of politics and new media wank recently, but that's because I'm turning into more of a political creature (whether I want to or not). Covers everything I find that's a) cool and b) firing my brain. Been on hiatus for the past month or two, recovering slowly. [web] [rss]
External social bookmarks. What I'm reading at random and want to remember. A replacement for a normal bookmark list. Might give some insight, if only of the "Oh, Stew's being boring again" variety. Also contains what I find cool or brain-firing but not both. As well as a load of old toss from mefi, boingboing and so on; same as everyone.

enemy territory [subscribe]
Political rants. Serious rants, at that. Sometimes offensive and over-the-top enough to be funny. Most of the time involves me getting drunk, picking a target and trying in vain to weave some thread of politics through a lot of swearing and disturbing imagery. Been quiet recently, but will pick up with the election over here.

mobile mail [digitalraven{at}livejournal{dot}com]
Straight to my treo, which I carry at all times. Even in bed. Relying on e-mail more and more now, especially with the weird hours and extended socialising. Makes things easier when schedules clash because of stupid things like fucking timezones.

gmail [digitalraven{at}gmail{dot}com]
Conversation, communication, and anything with an attachment (send one of those to the Treo and I will find interesting new ways to kill you). Plus, something I can reply to with a real keyboard and not feel like I'm texting.

There. Show's over. Booze, women and drugs to the left, vast piles of money to the right.

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