Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Need to remember too much. Dumping it here so I have a chance at remembering.

Tonight: Home. Eat. (that I need to include those is worrying). Empty washing machine because having socks is a good thing. Take jeans to office for fireproofing. Hoose to meet people to stop myself going introspective. Leave early. Try to get more than 4 hours sleep.[0]

Thursday: Home. Eat. Fix tabard and hood. Head to office to make shiny coloured torchballs. See Steve lose his hair. Do anything else needed of being a Torchie. If time, head to gominokouhai's place to smoke, drink, rant etc.

Friday: Home, eat. Realise I don't have to be anywhere or do anything. Possibly start editing Strange Future[1]. Try to get lots of sleep. Probably fail.

Saturday: Beltane. Hopefully de-stress a lot.

Sunday: If I'm alive, shoot me. Or point me to the double bill of Monty Python films.

0: I'll fail. I know I will. But at least this way I can say I tried.
1: Need to get this done in next couple of weeks to remind people that I can do more than modern occult and genre-noir-detective stuff.

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