Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Head's gone pop again. Not in the big messy way, this is more a silent fizzle while I work out who I am. That's why people who know me know different mes, the personality shards I pick up off others to make up for not being sure I really exist without people around, rather than the caricatures that are my broken thoughtmodels of them.

Thoughtmodel. What a fucking ugly word.

Tore down the bio blurb. Replaced it with the Big List of Online Presence. Right now I know what I do. Who I am is a question for later.

Can a sense of self be made from the knowledge that one no longer possesses a sense of self? Does that make not having a sense of self impossible? What's a revolutionary without a revolution?

Normal service should resume in a few days.

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